About Us

       I was born to cook. I remember as a young girl I would sit and watch my mother in the kitchen. And as I started playing in the kitchen, I was told I had my grandmother's hands. They worked magic. I wish I could have tasted more of her food. I started cooking at a very young age. After cooking professionally for over 25 years, I decided the restaurant life was no longer for me. I have always had more satisfaction cooking for my friends and family. And now I bring that passion to my clients.

      For me, being a personal chef inspires me to want to create magic in my clients' kitchen. I will come to your home and prepare for you a healthy meal that you can enjoy at your leisure. After an initial consultation where we discuss likes and dislikes, allergies, special diet requirements and any other concerns you might have I will create a menu for you. Once we have agreed on the specific menu to be prepared, on the cook date, I will shop for the food, come to your home, prepare your delicious dinners, date and label, leave heating instructions for each of your meals, and clean the kitchen so all that will be left is the wonderful aroma of fresh, healthy cuisine. I also do dinner parties and other special occasions.

     I only buy the freshest possible ingredients to be inspired by. I am a firm believer of "farm to fork", so I try to shop local to support our farms and strive on feeding my clients only the freshest quality meals. I try to stick with what is in season, but I do venture out of the box so to speak.

     I am a member of the American Personal and Private Chefs Association, United States Personal Chef Association, certified Serv Safe food manager , and a graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute (class of '94) where I received an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and International Baking and Pastry.

     I am a member of American Personal Private Chefs Association since 2014 and a member of the USPCA since 2016.